Outreach health supports culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Health navigation for culturally and linguistically diverse communities

A program funded by Brisbane North PHN provides chronic disease self-management education to culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the region.

Working with the Chronic Disease Team at the Ethnic Community Council Queensland (ECCQ), the health navigation project supported 80 people during 2019/20.

It bridged the gap between healthcare providers and culturally and linguistically diverse community members within the region, targeting people from Chinese, Arabic, Pacific and South Sea Islander, Myanmar backgrounds.

Supporting refugee health


Collaboration improves access

During 2019/20, a total of 176 clients were referred to the Refugee Connect Program.

Outreach healthcare for kids

Flourishing in the face of adversity

During 2019/20, we continued funding for Act for Kids to provide their Flourish Education for children who have been identified as developmentally vulnerable and who have experienced trauma.

In the 12 months to June 2020, 750 students from the Moreton Bay North region were supported in either individual therapy or school-wide programs delivered by Act for Kids.

Transforming our after-hours campaign

For the first time since our Emergency Alternatives campaign launched in 2016, the campaign was temporarily put on hold as the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the healthcare landscape.

The refreshed campaign, with a brand new look and feel, will now launch before
the end of the 2020/21 financial year. Stay tuned!

Working together to connect care

Connecting care for those who need it most

For some people who live with recurrent health crises, visits to hospital emergency can be far too frequent.

That’s where the Working Together to Connect Care Program comes in. It’s designed to connect emergency department (ED) frequent presenters with community-based services that help keep people out of hospital.

The program is delivered by Micah Projects and Footprints Inc, who work alongside hospital emergencies to help ED frequent presenters reduce their hospital attendance.

The program supported 191 ED frequent presenters with individual support and care coordination during 2019/20.

Ensuring everyone receives the help they need

Community partners lead outreach health

Across the region, outreach health services funded by the PHN are offered by Micah Projects and the Queensland Injectors Health Network (QuIHN).

These services are led by nurses and support workers who offer treatment and care in the community. They offer frontline service delivery and primary healthcare, mostly for people who are sleeping rough or living in temporary accommodation.

During 2018/19, QuIHN and Micah Projects supported 1,210 people to connect to primary health care services.

During the initial COVID19 situation, funding from Brisbane North PHN supported the conduct of Flu Vaccination Clinics to the vulnerable populations with whom Micah and QuIHN engage.

During 2019/20, QuIHN and Micah Projects supported 5,260 people to connect to primary health care services, and provided free flu
vaccinations to 849 people.